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Certified Agile Transformation Manager

Certified Agile Transformation Manager

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Successfully designing corporate change – basic and overview training

Would you like to start an agile transformation with your company, but don't know how? where to start How do you win allies? What can you do first? How can you drive the transformation forward together? How do you get people moving? And what can you do if the transformation falters after the initial euphoria?

We deal with these and other questions in the basic seminar Certified Agile Transformation Manager.

You will get to know the enormous potential of agile approaches and their application to the transformation process. We provide you with a holistic understanding of agility beyond agile methods and IT. Furthermore, after the seminar you will be able to set up an agile transformation process in your company and have received initial impulses for experiments on change.

Target group: You've come to the right place if you want to help shape the agile transformation in your company and need the necessary tools to do so.

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