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HR Pioneers

Pioneer Cards: Explore Your Potential!

Pioneer Cards: Explore Your Potential!

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Our “Explore Your Potential!” Pioneer Cards were developed as a playful feedback and employee development tool.

You experience development in a playful way and revolutionize your meetings and processes. Give and receive feedback in a new way and promote transparent exchange within the team!

You can use the Pioneer Cards card set for the following purpose:

  • Explore your values: Discover the values that are most important to you, and, in so doing, also discover what it is that motivates you.
  • Explore Your Competencies: Identify your own competencies and how strong they are. Form a basis for developing your own competencies that can also be used for performance reviews or feedback sessions.
  • Team Development – With Hands and Head: Determine required team competencies and assess their strengths within the team. This results in development steps that need to be taken.
  • Be a Player in the Feedback World Cup: Use ranking as a basis for dialogue and learning about the strengths of others. No grading of individual team members!
  • Find Agile Co-Workers: Examine the applicant’s reflective and self-analytical abilities. Participate in an exchange of ideas with or about the applicant.

Areas of use:

  • recruiting, e.g. job interviews and assessment centers
  • retrospective evaluation
  • career development (employees, teams and leaders)
  • finding a company vision

Each set contains:

  • 32 competency cards
  • 32 value cards
  • 10 sets of scoring cards (11 cards from 0–10)
  • Game instructions
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