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Team Challenge: 40 more challenges for effective collaboration

Team Challenge: 40 more challenges for effective collaboration

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For teams that want to develop successful communication, strengthen the assumption of responsibility and promote successful cooperation. The 40 additional challenges are an extension to our Team Challenge card set.


The Team Challenge is a set of cards that we have developed for your use in the team. The extension consists of 40 additional impulses that you can integrate into your everyday working life in a very practical way. The idea is that you tackle a new challenge every week. Teambuilding par excellence! You will receive the 40 additional challenges in digital form.

Some challenges you master together, others you tackle alone. You can look forward to challenges like the focus day, spring cleaning or the fire.

We have also assigned the 40 challenges to six topic areas. All six are important for successful cooperation in an agile context:

  • Mindfulness
  • Focus
  • Community
  • Change of perspective
  • Team development
  • Cooperation

We promise you one thing: If you keep at it, your teamwork will be different in a year's time! And it's fun too.

  • People in teams
  • Leaders
  • Agile coaches
  • product owners
  • Scrum Master
  • Team building measures and team events

Included are:

  • 40 team challenges for everyday team life in digital form
  • Links to further tool tips with templates
  • Challenges in digital version for virtual use, e.g. via Miro

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