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Workhack Book: Veränderung im Sinn

Workhack Book: Veränderung im Sinn

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We want to encourage you to dream more again.

We would like to encourage you to make small changes in your everyday life and thus perpetuate a process of change.

We want to encourage you to look for like-minded people and to initiate a movement, whether in your own environment or even far beyond.

And we would like to encourage you to readjust the compass again and again - especially when things falter or the desired effects don't occur immediately. Our workhack book "Change in Mind" supports you in this.

It contains:

  • 32 practical workhacks
  • inspiring illustrations
  • clever questions & provocative slogans
  • and an inspiring 15-minute-dream by Studio komplementaer "Dream in Colour".

The workhacks are divided into four categories:

  • Meaning of work
  • Attitude
  • Quality of relationship
  • Participation
  • Insights


People/teams in transformation; people who want to design their working world differently; leaders; Agile Masters; coaches; people who involve art in change.

The book contains:

  • 32 practical workhacks
  • Inspiring illustrations
  • Workhack special: 15-minute dream
  • Smart questions from the future

The book is currently only available in German.

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